Treatments for Skin Growths and Warts

Remember the childhood notion that catching frogs caused warts on your fingers? Well, that urban myth has been sufficiently debunked. But no matter the cause, warts can be unsightly and embarrassing. Thankfully, treatments for skin growths and warts are readily available at one of our 17 Central Florida clinics.


Warts are contagious (spread by contact) skin growths that can appear on any part of the body and are caused by a virus called human papillomavirus (HPV). Different types of warts are recognizable depending on their appearance and their placement on the body. Common warts are called vurruca vulgaris, and warts on the feet are called plantar warts. Flat warts usually occur in large numbers but are smoother than a common wart, whereas filiform warts are fast-growing and tend to protrude from the skin's surface more than do other types.

Signs and Symptoms

Warts can appear on anyone but are more common on children, teenagers, people with weak immune systems and people with frequent cuts or scrapes. Vurruca warts feel rough to the touch and tend to appear on the fingers, fingernails, face and backs of hands. Plantar warts typically are more painful and appear on the soles of the feet or sides of the feet and toes. Flat warts often are found in the bearded area of a man, legs of a woman or face of a child. And filiform warts are quick-growing, elongated warts that stick out and occur primarily on the face (mouth, nose, and eyes).

Wart Diagnosis and Treatment

Warts are harmless and usually disappear on their own but can spread easily from one person to another or from one body-part to another. Multiple treatments to remove warts are available at our Orlando dermatology practice. These include Canthacur (a blister-causing solution), cryotherapy (freezing), electrosurgery and curettage (burning and scraping) or excision (cutting the wart off). Additional treatments for resistant warts include laser treatments, chemical peels and immunotherapy.

Follow up and Outcomes

Warts may not fully go away and even if they do, they can recur at any time, as there is no cure for them. They are caused by a virus, and some people are prone to developing warts than are others. Prevention for warts includes treating them as soon as they appear and avoiding touching areas with a wart to other areas of the body.

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The best resource for skin care. Always good advice and care. Sarah Fellenz is great in care and service. The OTC cream she recommended is working very well to reduce/remove skin eruptions. Thank you to your wonderful staff.

— James T

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