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What is Sclerotherapy?

Also known as injection therapy, sclerotherapy is considered to be the "Gold Standard" for the treatment of blue- or purple-colored veins that appear as jagged lines just under the skin (spider veins), the slightly deeper reticular or "feeder veins", and smaller varicose veins.

These cosmetic indicators are rarely a sign of a serious health problem but, in addition to their unsightly appearance, the damaged vessels can cause uncomfortable feelings in the legs such as itching, burning or aching.


Why choose Sclerotherapy?

When a patient wants to improve the appearance of his or her spider veins and/or small varicose veins, sclerotherapy is a minimally-invasive and simple procedure that has been used as a treatment option for decades. It involves the injection of a solution into each affected vein. This in turn causes the damaged vein to sclerose and seal. The blood vessel no longer functions and your body breaks it down and reabsorbs it, gradually fading it away.

This process is very similar to how your body heals a bruise. Since spider veins or small varicose veins do not have any useful function their reduction or elimination can improve your circulation and symptoms of heaviness, aching and fatigue.

Since the treatment targets a specific spot, there is little to no downtime and you can resume non-physical activities immediately. During the consultation, our healthcare provider will let you know if this is the best treatment option for your specific vein problems and will inform you on the potential contradictions as well as the pre-treatment procedures to follow prior to treatment.

How is this procedure conducted?

Sotadecrol (Trombojet™) is the strong injectable sclerosing solution we use to target the feeder vein, which, will help reduce the reformation of spider veins and small varicose veins. This medication has been safely used for over 40 years and has a very low rate of allergic reactions (<1%). Using very fine needles, our health care providers take great care to keep the discomfort and irritation of the injection to a minimum.

How many treatment sessions will it take?

Our health care provider will give you an estimate during your consultation. Since each vein typically must be injected one to three times, sclerotherapy generally requires two to six 20 minute sessions, based on your specific needs. No anesthesia is required. Following a procedure, you will not notice an immediate improvement as clearance of the treated vein takes time. Blood circulation in the treated areas isn't impaired because healthy blood vessels nearby compensate for the ones that have been sealed.

After the treatment?

For most patients, normal activities can be resumed but more physical activities and exercising should be avoided two weeks following your treatment.

After the vein is damaged, the body needs time to heal. Clearance of varicose veins usually occurs within 4 to 10 weeks and in some cases may take up to 12 weeks. You will be advised to wear compression stockings to help to decrease bruising at the injection sites. Our health care providers will give you additional detailed post treatment instructions to follow as well in order to optimize your results.

Does Insurance Pay for Sclerotherapy?

Most insurance companies regard sclerotherapy treatments as a "non-covered" cosmetic procedure, however our practice offers many convenient payment options. The cost of sclerotherapy treatment varies based on the number of areas being treated. You will be given pricing information during your initial examination and consultation with an one of our providers.

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