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Best Defense Against Skin Cancer

Your skin is your body's first line of defense from exposure to the environment. Located on the surface of our body, it is the most susceptible to receive damage from the sun's radiation. Similar to other types of cancer, skin cancer often starts with DNA damage. To safely enjoy the outdoors, we recommend:

Sun Avoidance

Seek shade; avoid the sun between 10:00 AM and 4:00 PM.

Cover Up

Wear light colored, tightly-woven clothes that cover well; wear a wide brimmed hat and sunglasses.

Use Broad Spectrum Sunscreen

Protect your skin by using a physical sunscreen, such as Steppie MD - Infinity UV Defense Sunscreens enriched with anti-oxidants, that provide Broad-Spectrum, SPF 50+ protection from both UVA ("aging rays") and UVB ("burning") rays.

Both stand out from other sunscreens as they are formulated with a superior, pure physical sunscreen - micronized zinc oxide, which leaves a transparent finish while providing up to 50 times your skin's natural protection from sunburn.

Micronized zinc oxide reflects harmful UV rays off the skin compared to chemical sunscreens that absorb UV rays.

Steppie MD - Infinity UV Defense Sunscreens SPF 50+ are for all skin types, gentle on sensitive and acne-prone skin and are available at all 15 Associates in Dermatology locations.

Self Examination

Perform monthly self-examinations of your entire body - watch for unusual marks or changes to your skin. Refer to the ABCDE's of Melanoma.

Regular exams

We recommend regular professional skin exams at our Orlando dermatology practice.

DISCLAIMER: The information provided by this site is intended solely for educational purposes. This information is not to be used for medical diagnostic purposes and is not intended to serve as a recommendation for treatment and/or management of any medical/surgical condition. Most of all, this information should not be used in place of a physician or other qualified health provider. If you believe you have a medical condition, please contact your physician immediately.

Last week I had the opportunity to meet you and your fine staff as you worked to clean up a cancerous spot on my face. It turned out to be a lot deeper than anyone including me believed. It took five passes to get to the bottom of it. No one on your team gave up on the effort to get it all. Every time I had to go back for you to search further, everyone was upbeat and positive. Words cannot express how important this was to me as I was getting more and more discourages. Peter, and your magical staff, could not have been more professional nor kind. They each in their own way went out of their way to make me as comfortable as possible while explaining what was going to happen next. Further, I am deeply appreciative of you taking the time to meet with my wonderful wife to explain the process, successes, and challenges.

— Robert OK

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